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I'm Gina Renee Palady, licensed acupuncturist, holistic nutritionist, author, facer reader, wellness pioneer and  lifestyle maven
I ofer super simple, super sexy self care  
to awaken your inner goddess 
Honey ... I see you.
You want to feel like a sexy goddess ... but you're a hot mess.
You feel frumpy, frazzled and fatigued .. and you're going through all the freaking tough stuff.
MmmmHmmm ...  
I feel you. I've been there, honey.  But, you know what??   
I got my sexy back.  
Now, I'm here to help you feed the powerful divine feminine life-force energy within you ...
your inner goddess
so you, too, can feel healthy, beautiful and outrageously sexy again.
I'll inspire you to honor the sacred feminine aspect of your nature and help you understand how to best love and take care of yourself through the foods you eat, the way you move and the super simple, super sexy lifestyle rituals that feed your magic and bring your sexy back ... 
So you can feel like the sexy goddess you were born to be ​✨
Acupuncture and Lifestyle Medicine  
 Ancient holistic principles made super simple and super sexy ✨
Chill Out, Get Healthy, Feel Beautiful

A healer doesn't heal you. A healer teaches you how to heal yourself.

Work with Me ...
         In person or online
This is where your wellness journey begins...
A practical guide to everyday wellness for every woman (and the men that love them)
Learn simple, foundational tips to feed your health, beauty and well being ... naturally 
Chill Out
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