Mount Shasta, California


Because it's easy to forget your magic when you're stressed, anxious or depressed






Signature Services:

Chill Out     

Auriculotherapy. That means, you'll receive a customized express treatment using ear acupuncture points only. Ear acupuncture is superior in helping to heal emotional issues stemming from childhood experiences and trauma. Spend 30 minutes feeling acu-bliss while being anointed with therapeutic essential oils and getting stoned with crystal therapy. Includes Swarovski crystal acupuncture-to-go ear seeds to activate even more healing power. *Intended for stress-relief, relaxation and energetic balance.

30 min  $55

Get Healthy

Full-body Acupuncture


60 Min   $150                                                 

Ease your stress, relax your body, soothe your spirit, balance your energy and start to heal in all the areas you need healing. I'm gonna tune you in to your healthiest and most beautiful self.

This is my most comprehensive treatment ... my unique method to healing that I've cultivated over my 30 years of experience in nutrition, fitness, Chinese Medicine, and wellness.

As an lifestyle maven, I have many tools in my magic bag of experience to help you feel
less stress and more beauty. that you can do at home. 
In addition to your full body gentle acupuncture treatment, you'll also receive functional lifestyle prescriptions, herbal and nutritional recommendations, rituals and resources to supercharge your health, beauty and well being. You'll feel completely nurtured and cared for during your acupuncture session with sound therapy, therapeutic essential oils, crystal and vibrational frequency treatments, Swarovski acupuncture-to-go ear seeds, healing affirmations and more.


Acupuncture Upgrade*

Acu-Crystal Ritual

Wanna upgrade to your acupuncture experience? Book my special Acu-Crystal Ritual. Together we'll choose and activate the perfect Mount Shasta crystal gems to elevate your energetic experience, balance your energy centers, create ceremony in holding intentions for deeper healing and manifesting, ignite your life force and create a feeling of sacred bliss. This custom ritual is designed to leave you feeling like the magical unicorn you are meant to be and honor the energetic goddess within you. It's a sacred acupuncture experience like no other - trust. 

                                                            90 Min   $250 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

Radiant health, true nourishment and sexy self care is a lifestyle. Let's work together to support your health, happiness and well being by incorporating pleasurable rituals into your everyday life. I'll reveal exactly which foods will help nourish you, which herbs will help heal you and which types of movement and self care energize your particular elemental make-up. You'll easily discover how food, movement, nutritional supplementation, herbal support, flower essence therapy, essential oils, crystal vibration and other holistic lifestyle rituals can support you in feeling happy, healthy and beautiful. I will use all of my years of research and experience to help gently guide you to finding the exact tools you need to create a lifestyle that supports you in feeling your healthiest, happiest and most beautiful self.

                                                          60 Min  $150 



Feel Beautiful

facial rejuvenation

Transform from everyday everyday Goddess. This acu-beauty treatment includes  facial brushing to move lymph; rich, decadent organic oils; jade gua sha facial sculpting; skin plumping acu-cup therapy; Acu-Lift dermaroller, Hydra-Lyft enhancement, jade rolling massage and gentle acupuncture. I'm gonna make you glow like a goddess. This spa-like treatment will rejuvenate your complexion, soothe your stress, honor your unique beauty, make you feel completely pampered and create a feeling of radiance from the inside out.  Promote the natural production of collagen and elastin, reduce acne scars and the appearance of large pores, soften wrinkles, improve skin texture and color, tighten loose skin and dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your skincare products. Experience a signature crystal gem face ritual, essential oil therapy, vibrational healing and Swarovski crystal acupuncture-to-go ear seeds to enhance and extend your treatment results. This energetic beauty enhancement will rock your radiance ~ get ready to glow!

Initial Session ~ 90 Min  $197 

(includes your own Acu-Lift Dermaroller and Hydra-Lyft acu-facial serum enhancer for continued home use.)


 Follow Up Sessions ~ 90 min  $125



Ask me about DIY home treatments using these ancient beauty tools! I'll show you how ...

Embrace your Face

Using Chinese Medicine and the ancient art of face reading, you will discover your unique Beauty Blueprint and how your face reveals your secret powers and hidden gifts. Receive guidance where you need it, suggestions for custom self care rituals to enhance your well being, as well as nutritional and herbal prescriptions to rock your radiance. It's like getting an owners manual to your best self that you can call on again and again for a lifetime of self care. Then you'll be pampered with a very special full body acupuncture experience, including my custom Acu-Crystal Ritual to supercharge your power,  beauty and wellness.  This one-of-a-kind custom treatment is an experience you'll remember for a lifetime.

                                           2 hours  $297

prices subject to change