How it works

DISCOVER YOUR Beauty Blueprint

Find out how your face reveals the key to your secret powers

  • Understand the hidden meaning of your own unique facial features and how they reveal your secret powers - those special gifts that you naturally posses

  • Learn the significance of your core powers according to Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Realize the beauty of who you are, what you need to be happy and the brilliance you offer the world

  • Energize the secret weapons in your nature that help add flavor to your own "secret sauce"

  • Learn how to activate your hidden powers to create your bliss

  • Embrace the perfection of your natural features


  • Master how to use your secret powers to up-level your business and skyrocket your success 

  • Stop criticizing your appearance

  • Feel at home in your own skin

  • Gain confidence and self assurance you never had

  • ​No longer feel the need to hide, change, alter or augment your natural beauty

  • Finally have your beauty and goodness recognized, acknowledged and embraced

  • Enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience of receiving acupuncture for your soul

  • At last,  fall in love with your face

Get ready to be loved on, supported, nurtured, inspired and gently guided to your healthiest, most confident and beautiful self.

When you purchase a signature Beauty Blueprint session, you will receive an email from me with specific instructions you'll need to complete before our session. I will need you to answer a questionnaire and send me a few specific photos of your beautiful face. These photos will be for my eyes only.

All sessions are by phone or video chat. That means, you get to have this experience from the comfort of your own home. No rushing. No traffic. You can just relax and tune into yourself.

When it is time for your scheduled session, we will connect on ZOOM. You will need to devote 60 - 90 minutes to our time together. 

That's it! Have a hand mirror by your side so that you can see the features that hold special significance for you and reveal your hidden powers... and be prepared to be blown away while I reflect the beauty and brilliance you've always had, but you've never seen clearly.

What you'll receive

  • An hour+ of 1:1 time with me loving on you ... while being amazed by your own beauty 


  • Your own Beauty Blueprint visual summary 

  • An audio recording of our call 

  • A facial diagram to remind you of your beauty and the secret powers revealed in your face

  • Super simple, super sexy suggestions to feed your beauty and activate your power

  • An opportunity to continue to work together to revolutionize your self care and learn to become the heroine of your own life