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Your Core

Five Element



One of the things I love most about Chinese Medicine is how it relates all of life to the seasons and elements in nature.

I want to talk to you about the unique energy and sexy secret powers you possess to live your best life, according to the principles of Five Element Acupuncture and ancient Chinese medicine.


When you were born, you were infused with the energetic DNA of the elements in nature that were most active and dominant at that time ... and these energies shape you and the way you tend to think, feel and behave.

The Five Elements

of your Inner Goddess

Fire ~ The Love Goddess

warm, affectionate, fun, face-paced, romantic, adventurous, flirty, heart-centered, spunky, spirited, anxious, quick thinking, performers

Earth ~ The Earth Empress

caring, devoted, solid, hard-working, generous, family-oriented, friendly, helpful, kind, patient, grounded, practical, abundant, service oriented helpers

Metal ~ The Sensitive Beauty 

sensitive, spiritual, perfectionistic, authentic, beautiful, artistic, serene, capable, visionary, leaders

Water ~ The Seductive Creatrix deep, powerful, relentless, wise, creative, quiet, sensual, mysterious, courageous, dreamy, seductive, emotional, innovative, secretive, deep thinkers

Wood ~ The Warrior Goddess enthusiastic, driven, passionate, rebellious, fierce, analytical, optimistic, ambitious, reactive, fearless, influential, adaptive, change-makers

Your unique blend of these elements shapes the essence of your inner goddess and can guide me in creating self care rituals and a lifestyle of wellness JUST FOR YOU

We each have all five elements within our own unique nature. But, Chinese medicine explains that we have our own beautylicious blend and dominance of these elements, that makes us truly one of a kind.


When you understand and embrace the energy of the badass goddess you were born to be, you can start to re-claim these core aspects of yourself and own the beauty of who you are, BE YOURSELF ON PURPOSE ... and feel empowered in your health and in your life.


It's life changing.

Here's my core five element energy:

My inner goddess is a beautiful elemental blend of

 Precious Metal,

Strong Earth and

Bamboo Wood.  

So, this is the core energy that shapes me.

The features and lines on my face tell their own story and add flavor to my own beautylicious recipe that makes me ME.

Because I know my core Five Element Energy, I also know my calling in life ....

The goddess energy in me is a beautylicious blend of

Sensitive Beauty 

Earth Empress and

Gentle Warrior Goddess

I am a highly sensitive healer whose power is in being able to offer you the gift of reflection. I mirror your beauty and goodness back to you.


I give you a beautiful transformative experience, remind you of the simple things, offer solid, caring and generous support, and gently but fiercely guide you forward on your path to better health, beauty and well being, naturally.

This is the core energy of the five element goddess within me. ✨ 

No matter what happens in my life, this energy will never change.

I can have confidence in this knowing, and I am again and again reminded  of my natural gifts and beautiful power.

And, the fun part is that now I can choose self care that freaking WORKS because it specifically supports MY unique five element needs for well being, naturally.

Ohhhh, honey - this stuff is life-changing!!

Let's talk about how you can use everyday self care, designed just for you, to feel like the healthy, sexy goddess you were born to be, naturally.

Book a free call with me today and let's talk about your bodacious beauty and brilliance.

Beauty comes the moment you decide
to be yourself
It's almost been a week since I saw you and I haven't stopped thinking about our session since.

I can't begin to tell you how much the session meant to me!  

The acupuncture left me so calm and de-stressed. I actually felt like I was floating all afternoon!

It was amazing how right on the money it was.

Enlightening ... It helped in the realization that I need to take care of me and learn to ask for help when needed.

I was so relaxed after the acupuncture treatment and slept well.

I'm 💯 sure you don't know how much your words and positivity about our bodies affects people you help and ripples out in their lives. You are truly amazing 😘