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You are the beautiful, brilliant, burned-out woman who's disregarded how amazing you are.

You’ve abandoned yourself for your partner, your family and your work.

You’ve forgotten that you are a bad-ass babe and you’ve not taken care of yourself because you’ve never learned how … or you just don’t care enough.

Don’t worry, sweetie, I’m here to help. 


I'm going to remind you

Who. You. Are.  


I'm going to help you confidently remember that you already have the power to be your best self.
I'll show you exactly what makes you unique, amazing and beautiful ... and how to feed that beauty naturally through deliciously simple self -care, pleasurable rituals and everyday indulgences that are easy to incorporate into your busy life so you can feel healthier, happier and shine like you're supposed to.

Natural health, beauty and wellness is an inside job.


You were born with a natural beauty and life force all your own.


Your own flow.


Your own natural way of feeling healthy and beautiful.


I want to help you re-discover your true self and inspire you to use this power you already possess to guide you to your healthiest self.

You see, in the course of my career, I've learned how to tap into the secret power of our unique Beauty to help us understand the clues our face reveals about what we need in our life to feel like our best selves. 

With the help of Chinese Medicine and the Ancient Art of Face Reading, we will start to uncover the keys to what you need to be happy, healthy and your most beautiful and radiant self.


You were born with your own secret power to give you strength, no matter what your challenge.

I can help you recognize, understand and appreciate this beauty and power

-- and how you can draw upon this power again and again --

to feel like the heroine of your own life.  


As a health and beauty expert with over 35 years of experience in helping women just like you, I'll guide you in supercharging your health and wellness through the foods you eat, the way you move and customized daily rituals that feel amazing and natural. 


I know the deliciously simple tricks to enhance your lifestyle and feed your beauty in a way that works for you -- not your mama, not your sista and not your bestie --  you.


By partnering with me, you'll have your own personal muse to inspire you, a gentle guide to show you the way to your best self, a holistic healer to give you solid, caring health and wellness advice and a modern-day sage to translate ancient wisdom and practical insights so that they work for you.

"People wonder how I do it. How am I a successful career-woman, momma and wife?


Gina. It’s Gina.

Her amazing coaching and her lifestyle tweaks are my secret weapon. She has given me the specific self-care tools that I need (based on my constitution and inner nature) to go from feeling drained and decrepit … to luscious and inspired. She has lifted me up in the darkest of moments like a momma, sister and fairy godmother ALL-IN-ONE gently teaching me how to be healthy and beautiful, one homework assignment at a time. And she has used her decades of experience in the health and wellness field to take all the guesswork out of WHAT ACTUALLY works so that I can get back to enjoying my family, my marriage and my career. 


If you are yearning for a wise girlfriend, mentor and teacher.. if you wish your momma was there for you to comfort, love and support you back into health and confidence… Gina is your saving grace."


~Natalie Olsen, Nats Numbers, @numerologychick

Start here...

Signature Support  1 : 1 

Work with me 1 : 1 to feel like the badass babe you're meant to be.  Step by step, we will incorporate custom self care rituals into your everyday life to help you feel healthier, happier and more beautiful.
I'm not an simply an "online coach" with lots of pretty pictures and sales pitch ... but no health education.
I am a holistic health coach, but more importantly, I am a licensed healthcare provider, and I've been working with women in the field of natural health and wellness since fact, I've never worked outside of the health and wellness industry! I have academic, practical, clinical and personal wisdom from over 35 years of experience.
Helping you feel healthy, beautiful and truly well in every area of your life is what lights me up.
I've written books about it, hosted my own radio and television programs based on Your Health --  and I continue to work one-on-one with patients in my private acupuncture practice
I truly believe my purpose is to inspire a beautiful healing experience, mirror your beauty back to you, offer strong, solid, caring and compassionate support for healing and gently guide you to your healthiest, happiest and most beautiful life.
I am uniquely able to translate the language of health, wellness, self love and self care into
super simple, super sexy concepts that make sense to you and slip seamlessly into your lifestyle.
I'll listen to your challenges, share experiences from my own life and clinical practice, offer you solid, caring and nurturing support and inspire you on your journey to your best self.
No hype. No gimmicks. No crazy fads. No extremes.
Just simple, basic and foundational concepts that work for you and are completely do-able - even with your busy schedule.
Super simple. Super sexy. 🤘💚
You never have to feel alone because you'll have my expertise and encouragement to gently guide you to feeling your best, looking your best and living your best life.
If you are struggling to do it alone ...
if you are just plain confused about how to get healthy and stay healthy ...
if you need down-to-earth, caring support from someone who is actually a licensed healthcare provider and not just another "online coach" ...
if you are ready to be educated, inspired and guided by a mature woman with real-life experience ...
if you're ready to have a little fun (and don't mind a little adult language) ....
if you have always wanted a sister to support you and watch out for your health and well being....
I'm here for you.
How would it feel to know that you have your own personal health and wellness practitioner, cheerleader, modern-day sage, healer and soul sista right in your back pocket?  Now you can.
For an initial self-care design consult of $150 and a monthly investment as low as $295, I will help you discover what you need most to help you feel happy and healthy.
I'll call you each and every week. We'll talk for about 30 minutes (or more, depending on your needs and your schedule), get clear on what you need right now, and incorporate a super simple, super sexy self care ritual to transform the way you feel in your body and in your life.
Get the loving and grounded support you need, from someone you can trust.
Self care doesn't have to be overwhelming, confusing or a chore. All you need is a little encouragement from someone who "gets you" ... and practical tips from a licensed healthcare practitioner who knows what the heck she's talking about ;) 
Girl, I've got you.
Here are the deets:
Self-Care Design Consult (required)  ~ 1 hour, $150
Monthly Self Care investment ~ 30 min. telephone consult each week, text/email support ~  starting at $295/mo.
Price may increase based on your unique needs. I will design a monthly program that fits you and your budget. Let's talk. 
Contact me.  Let's chat and discover if what I offer is right for you ...

Discover your Beauty Blueprint
Let me show you the power of your own natural beauty
in this one-of-a-kind, stand-alone session ...
  • Understand the hidden meaning of your own unique facial features and how they reveal your secret powers - those special gifts that you naturally possess.
  • Recognize your core powers - understand the beauty of who you are, what you need to be happy and the brilliance you offer the world
  • Be reminded of who you came here to be and what you came here to do
  • Energize the secret weapons in your nature that help add flavor to your own "secret sauce"
  • Learn how to activate your secret powers to create your bliss
  • Embrace the perfection of your natural features
  • Stop criticizing your appearance
  • Feel at home in your own skin
  • No longer feel the need to hide, change, alter or augment your natural beauty
  • Finally have your beauty and goodness recognized, acknowledged and embraced
  • Enjoy a one-of-a-kind receiving acupuncture for your soul
  • At last,  fall in love with your face

The next step...

Activate your secret powers  

Rock your Radiance



Using your signature Beauty Blueprint  as a foundation, you'll learn exactly how to activate those secret powers revealed in your face so you can Rock your Radiance.  


With my inspiration, support and guidance, we'll work together to create a long-term lifestyle make-over,  customize your self care, and nourish your one-of-a-kind nature. You'll gain confidence, get healthy and feel beautiful. 


Not only will you have access to your own personal wellness and beauty muse, you will learn how to embrace your unique beauty by working with me one-on-one from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I'll hold your hand and guide you down the path to your own personal best. You'll feel like you have your own holistic healer, wellness care coach, nutritionist, cheerleader, sage, fitness instructor, big sister, and girlfriend in your back pocket...because you do;) 

Get encouragement, resources, sound recommendations and generous, caring support to revolutionize your self care, reclaim your power, stand in your beauty and become the heroine of your own life.

You've had the power all along ... now it's time to use it.

Extra Support

Spend a weekend retreat with me in beautiful northern California.

Get personalized, hands-on healing and pampering designed to re-fresh, re-set and uplift your energy.

Prepare to be transformed

Spend time in nature, enjoy healthy, radiant nourishment, receive customized support and guidance, be pampered with natural beauty treatments, energy work, plenty of gentle movement and social connection.

Coming soon!  

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