6 sessions 


(includes an initial Beauty Blueprint session)

12 sessions


(save $300)

Rock your Radiance

Activate your Secret Powers by working with me long-term 

  • Revolutionize your self care 

  • Look forward to simple, everyday self-care rituals that you can easily incorporate into your busy life

  • Learn what foods fuel your radiance and which foods deplete your power

  • Supercharge your meals to boost your energy and support your well being


  • Easily navigate the grocery aisles like a boss 

  • Brew personally formulated, sexy herbal infusions that hydrate your skin, soothe tension, improve your mood and increase your juiciness

  • Customize your skin care rituals to accentuate and nourish your unique beauty

  • Be a beauty detective when choosing your skin care products

  • Learn ancient beauty rituals to enhance your glow

  • Discover the acupressure points that you can stimulate yourself to activate your beauty and secret powers

  • Finally embrace daily movement that feels good to you, that you actually look forward to doing regularly

  • Learn the types of exercise that will feed your power and enhance your health, beauty and well being

  • Find out the skin enhancing, health promoting supplements that are right for you

  • Get recommendations for flower essences, crystal therapy, sacred rituals, foundational practices and everyday indulgences to supercharge your power

  • ...and so much more!




Using your signature Beauty Blueprint  as a foundation, you'll learn exactly how to activate those secret powers revealed in your face so you can rock your radiance.  


With my inspiration, support and guidance, you'll completely customize your self care rituals to support your unique nature. You'll gain confidence, get healthy and feel beautiful. 


Not only will you have access to your own personal wellness and beauty muse, you will learn how to embrace your unique beauty by working with me one-on-one from the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Work with me for 6, 12 or 24 signature sessions







Get encouragement, resources, sound recommendations and generous, caring support.

You'll feel like you have your own holistic healer, wellness care coach, nutritionist, cheerleader, sage, fitness instructor, big sister, and girlfriend in your back pocket...only better. 

As an acupuncturist, nutritionist, fitness professional, author and wellness expert for over 30 years, I am uniquely qualified to help you thrive and revolutionize your own self care.

Get ready to be loved on, supported, nurtured, inspired and gently guided to your healthiest, most confident and beautiful self.

Let's talk about choosing a program that is right for you.

24 Sessions


(save $600)